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Our Family made the decision to start our company in 2010.  We did not take out a business loan, instead we sold 1 of our 2 vehicles and other personal assets to be able to fund a very modest Mobile Detail Unit.  In fact the vehicle was located in Kansas and to get it back to Idaho we had a garage sale to get the additional $ for gas.  Due to lack of monies I slept in the vehicle while traveling back.   Our Journey has been full of Lows and Highs and pretty soon our team members started to grow, either being born or hired into our family.   Now 11 years later through YOUR Support and our Hard Work, Dedication, and Passion, we are Idaho's Largest and Most Trusted Detail company in Idaho.   Thank You for your continued support!

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My Story

We are committed to our Community 

Idaho is unlike anywhere else and we would like to hear about your fundraising efforts to better our community.  We are especially compelled to work with those organizations who are strictly volunteer.  These organizations put the dollars raised directly to the cause and our efforts can be maximized for the greater good.  

Let us know how you are trying to Keep Idaho the Idaho we all Love and know.

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