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Finally!!! A Made Man

August 2020 was the beginning of my journey to become a made man in the Detail Mafia. It all began with attending a week long class at Detailing Success Alumni (D.S.A.) in Big Bear California. While I have attended countless certification classes, trainings, and seminars over the years this is on a completely different level. After a year in the D.S.A. every student must return to Big Bear for another week to volunteer serving as an intern to teach new students entering into the Alumni. There are also D.S.A. & Mafia trainings throughout the year. D.S.A. also puts a High Emphasis to be involved in the IDA. During the students week of training they have the option to join the IDA and become certified.

After 24 months of being in good standing a D.S.A. may submit an application to become a Made Man in the Mafia Family, prospects must show they are committed to Excellence, Reputable, being a Master in the Industry, and being involved in bettering their community. Made members will vote whether to accept prospect and make them a Made Man/Woman in the Mafia.

Steven Thompson The Detail Mafia Family Made Man November 5th 2022

IDA Member



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